Fowler Water Reclamation Facility

Forsyth County, Georgia

Design/Build/Operate of a new Water Reclamation Facility consisting of clearing, excavation, construction of influent pump station, screening system, membrane filtration system, digesters, lined 6 MG pond, 6 MG pre-stressed concrete storage tank, all equipment and piping, entrance road, yard piping, storm drainage and backfill, grading and grassing.

Forsyth County

Metcalf and Eddy, Inc.


January 2003

July 2004

Auburn Southside and Northside Plant and Lines

Auburn, Alabama

This project was the first privatization attempt to be completed in the southeast. Ruby-Collins, Inc. and Metcalf & Eddy worked very closely on the design and construction for this project. It consisted of approximately 90,000 lf of 6 inch through 42-inch pipe and a 5.0 MGD Water Pollution Control Plant. The second part of the project was the Northside plant and consisted of a 3.0 MGD Plant and Outfall Sewer Lines. Approximately 50,000 lf of 6 inch through 24-inch pipe.

City of Auburn

Metcalf & Eddy

December 1985-Southside, October 1986-Northside