Hinesville 2.0 MGD Wastewater Treatment Facility

Hinesville, Georgia

This project in Hinesville, Georgia involved the construction of a 2.0 MGD Wastewater Treatment Facility with Sequencing Batch Reactors and Disc Filters. Work involved all new construction, including sitework and an access road. Work also included the construction of an additional 2.0 MGD SBR structure for future expansion. Improvements to the Wastewater Transportation System were also made, which included installation of 7,500 LF of 18” PVC Sewer Force Main, 12,500 LF of 14” PVC Sewer Force Main, and 1,000 LF of 12” PVC Reuse Water Main, including all appurtenances and upgrades to two existing Pump Stations. Additionally, work involved the installation of 15,250 LF of 12” PVC Reuse Water Main, Jack & Bore and appurtenance for Airport Rd. and 15th Street Reuse Water Mains. Work was completed in November 2008.

City of Hinesville

P.C. Simonton & Associates, Inc.


November 2008