Travis Field Water Reclamation Facility

Savannah, Georgia

The project consists of the construction of a new 4.0 MGD Wastewater Reclamation Facility (WRF) at the site of the existing Travis Field WRF. The scope for this project included: headwork's facility, including mechanical screening, grit removal system, associated piping and controls, EQ tanks, mixing system and EQ pump station, anaerobic, pre-anoxic, pre-aeration, post anoxic, and membrane thickening basins including submersible mixer{s), diffused aeration system, blowers, and recycle pumps/wet well, membrane bioreactor {MBR) basins and covered equipment area, a two-story building to provide the following: blowers, pumps and other equipment., storage and feed for sodium hydro chlorite, caustic soda, etc., control room, associated casework and equipment, electrical/MCC Room, associated equipment, mechanical room, associated equipment, store room, bath room and shower, monorail beam and hoist system for MBR filters, flow monitoring, screenings dumpsters and slab for screenings and grit, MBR filter wash pad on grade, screening structure, plant drain pump station, two diesel engine generators with fuel tank, mechanical and electrical accessories and access walkway, associated instrumentation and control equipment, associated communications system including programmable logic, controller {PLC), Input/output {1/0) modules and scada, associated electrical equipment and work, associated grounding and lightning protection systems, site and facility lighting, chemical storage and delivery system, water supply line, sludge dewatering system, UV system, electrical, control, conduit, wiring, etc., plant fencing, MBR membranes, equipment and related.

City of Savannah

Thomas and Hutton


November 2019

February 2022

Purrysburg WTP Expansion to 30 MGD – Phase 1

Purrysburg, South Carolina

This project consists of the construction of one 4.0 MG prestressed composite clearwell, surface preparation, crack repair and recoating of one existing 4.0 MG clearwell, the installation of 54”, 48” and 18” yard piping and connections of a new clearwell to the existing plant yard, piping system including new valves, an extension of existing chemical feed lines from current feed point located at inlet of High Service.
The scope also includes the construction of a pumping station to the new location downstream from the High Service Venturi Vault and one contract dewatering area pad (including drains, pumping station), electrical building, dredge headers, fencing, paved access road and electrical service.

Beaufort Jasper Water Authority

Goodwyn Mills Caywood


July 2019

June 2020

Jesters Creek East Outfall Phase 1

Clayton County, Georgia

The purpose of the Project is to install approximately 9,545 linear feet of new 36-inch gravity-flow sanitary sewer HOBAS pipe replacing an existing 36- inch gravity-flow sanitary sewer. Multiple reconnections of smaller existing sewers will be required to complete the work. The majority of the new sanitary sewer work will be completed in the same location and alignment as the existing sanitary sewer using standard excavation techniques and trenchless techniques. A section of the sewer is planned for cured-in-place pipe, but that section of sewer may require replacement using standard excavation techniques depending on the existing status.

Clayton County Water Authority

Clayton County Water Authority


September 2019

August 2020