Goodrich Street Raw Water Pumping Station Improvements

This project in Augusta, Georgia involved the construction of a concrete channel connecting the Augusta Canal and the Savannah River, pump station, bar screens, rakes, intake gates, flood gates, power chest housing, 4,000 horsepower water driven turbine, pump room, and administration building. The majority of work was completed in a dam between the canal and river. Extraordinary measures were used to place concrete below grade and at the connection of the canal and river. The project also included site improvements and modifications to existing raw water intake, selective demolition of existing concrete structures and buildings, cast-in-place concrete water retaining structures, high service pumping station utilized to convey water from finished water storage to distribution system, modifications to existing yard piping, electrical work associated with raw water intake. Work was completed in June 2018.

Augusta Utilities Department

ZEL Engineers


June 2018