Bladen Bluffs Regional Surface Water Treatment Plant

Tarheel, North Carolina

This project in Tarheel, North Carolina involved construction of a new 6 million gallon per day water treatment plant, including a raw water intake and 47 foot deep secant pile pump station at the Cape Fear River, 42” microtunnel into the Cape Fear River, 3200 lineal feet of 24” raw water pipeline, a finished water pipeline, cast-in-place filters, flocculation and sedimentation tanks, Administration Building, Chemical Feed Building, reclamation ponds and all associated sitework, pipe, fittings, valves, electrical, process equipment and SCADA system. The project included a secant pile pump station, approximately 45 feet below grade. Construction of a cast-in-place concrete structure (approximately 4,990 cubic yards) providing filtration, flocculation, and sediment removal of raw water from the Cape Fear River.

Lower Cape Fear Water & Sewer Authority

Camp Dresser & Mckee (CDM)


July 2012