Jesters Creek East Outfall Phase 1

Clayton County, Georgia

The purpose of the Project is to install approximately 9,545 linear feet of new 36-inch gravity-flow sanitary sewer HOBAS pipe replacing an existing 36- inch gravity-flow sanitary sewer. Multiple reconnections of smaller existing sewers will be required to complete the work. The majority of the new sanitary sewer work will be completed in the same location and alignment as the existing sanitary sewer using standard excavation techniques and trenchless techniques. A section of the sewer is planned for cured-in-place pipe, but that section of sewer may require replacement using standard excavation techniques depending on the existing status.

Clayton County Water Authority

Clayton County Water Authority


September 2019

August 2020

City of Atlanta On-Call Sewer

Atlanta, Georgia

This contract comprises the emergency repair of sanitary and storm sewers in various portions of the City of Atlanta’s separate and combined sewer collection system, as designated by the Engineer throughout the course of the work. The objective is to remedy detrimental defects to sewers and sewer overflow conditions to renovate the structural integrity of the sewer, while maximizing sewer and manhole accommodation efficiency and effectiveness.

Works consists of completing necessary repairs to linear sewer and storm infrastructure utilizing a menu of repair methods such as:
• Open-cut/Replacement
• Cured-In-Place Lining (CIPP)
• Pipe-bursting
• Point Repairs (internal and external)
• Slip lining
• Jack-and-Bore
• Manhole rehabilitation
• By-pass Pumping
• Grout fill abandonment

City of Atlanta

City of Atlanta

$11, 550,000

October 1, 2016

October 1, 2019

Terrell Creek Trunk Sewer Replacement

Atlanta, Georgia

This project comprised of upsizing select portions of sewer lines in the City of Atlanta. The work included Bypass Pumping, Pre and Post CCTV Inspection, replacing existing pipe using conventional open cut, pipe-bursting, and jack and bore methods. Project also included rehabilitation, replacement and installation of sewer manholes.

• 10,274 LF of 36" pipe
• 395 LF of 48" Jack & Bores
• 59 Precast Concrete Manholes
• Grout fill abandonment of existing sewer

City of Atlanta

City of Atlanta


January 31, 2019

July 31, 2020