Highway 701 to Highway 544 Forcemain Conversion Project

Conway, South Carolina

The project in Conway, South Carolina consisted of installing approximately 25,000 LF of 48” welded steel waterline. Approximately 2,500 feet of 48” .750 wall welded steel pipe was installed via HDD, under the Waccamaw River in one continuous pull. 5,100 feet of temporary elevated mat access road was built through Waccamaw swamp adjacent to the river for access to the HDD drilling pad and exit point. 200 feet of jack and bore under two state highways were installed for pipe crossings, and the remaining pipe footage was installed by open cut with various fittings and valves. Terrain and ground conditions varied greatly on this project from cross country easement to urban settings and 5,000 feet of open cut installation with pipe anchoring system in a swamp on both sides of the HDD crossing.

The project was installed to upsize an existing 36” PVC watermain. Upon completion of the new 48” line, both ends were connected to the existing 36”. The existing 36” watermain was then converted to be used as a new sewer force main. Approximately 660 feet of new 30” and 36” pipe was installed and 7 new 30” plug valves were cut in for the force main conversion. This project was completed in May 2022.

Grand Strand Water and Sewer Authority

DDC Engineers, Inc.


May 2022