Howell Mill Road Sewer Outfall

Atlanta, Georgia

This contract comprises the emergency repair of sanitary and storm sewers in The project will consist of the realignment and construction of roughly 1,500 linear feet of 10-Inch diameter force main and the Installation of a new duplex pump station.

The methods of construction will consist of utilizing both traditional open-cut / replacement and trenchless methods, with the ultimate goal of eliminating sewer overflows, ensure the long-term structural stability of the sewer, Improve water quality, and protect the public health and safety of the ratepayers.

The new pump station will be design-build.

City of Atlanta

City of Atlanta


January 1, 2019

June 30, 2019

Ashby Jett Sewer System Improvement

Atlanta, Georgia

The project involved 1,275 feet of Gravity Flow and Sewer Outfall to be completed parallel to a Proctor Creek Tributary Stream running adjacent to and south of the Bellwood Quarry. The new pipe was 30" Hobas and installed by open-cut method.

The conditions of the right-of-way were considered outfall and low-lying areas with clearing required for the entire length. Access is limited, and road building had to be completed to allow the work to move forward. Major by-pass pumping was required.

City of Atlanta

CH2M / Rohadfox


May 23, 2018

November 19, 2019

Lower Dorchester County WWTP Expansion

Dorchester County, South Carolina

Major expansion of an existing 4 MGD wastewater treatment plant to 10 MGD consisting of new headworks, aeration basins, clarifiers, filters, UV disinfection, pumping stations, 2,800 LF of 48” outfall sewer, sitework, process piping, electrical and control systems. Finally, a $5 million change order to construct new pump station and two clarifiers.

Dorchester County Public Works

B.P. Barber Associates, Inc.


September 27, 2004

October 1, 2007