Peachtree Creek Trunk Stabilization

Atlanta, Georgia

The project involves cleaning approximately 3 miles of the Peachtree Creek Trunk Sewer and rehabilitating approximately 2 miles of the Peachtree Creek Trunk Sewer. Rehabilitation of the Peachtree Creek Trunk Sewer is to be performed using a Grouted PVC Profile Sewer Pipe Liner System (Sekisui).

The work includes design and permitting, bypass pumping/flow diversion, traffic control, erosion and sediment control, installation of sewer access manholes, preconditioning and cleaning of manholes and sewers, CCTV inspection, grouted PVC profile sewer pipe liner system, restoration, landscaping, public and private roads and property.

• 16,500 LF of 90" diameter pipe cleaning
• 10,500 LF of PVC Lining In a 90" host pipe
• 6,000 CY of grouting

Work takes place on:
• Two golf courses
• A City Park
• A gated community
• A private school athletic field
• Multiple heavily traveled roadways

City of Atlanta

City of Atlanta


May 9, 2018

November 7, 2019

Rivermeade Force Main Improvements

Atlanta, Georgia

This project consisted of replacement of 2,400 LF of 8" sewer force-mains. This replacement was accomplished using pneumatic pipe bursting. In addition, there were four external point repairs, one manhole replacement, and re-configuring of the piping at the pump station.

City of Atlanta

City of Atlanta


October 30, 2015

December 7, 2015

Sewer Group 2 Completion Project

Atlanta, Georgia

This project consisted of SPR EX lining, replacement of gravity sewer pipe, manhole sealing and lining, manhole adjustment external and internal point repairs, cured-in-place pipe, pipe bursting, extensive pipe cleaning, foam treatment, CCTV, and restoration.

Construction components included cleaning of sewers and the installation of SPR Ex sewer pipe lining system. The project was a success through partnering with all the team members, Owner, Contractor, and Design Consultant.

City of Atlanta



March 1, 2013

September 1, 2013