Dekalb County Gravity Sewer System Rehab

Dekalb County, Georgia

The Project includes rehabilitation and replacement assignments at nineteen locations within DeKalb County. Work assignments include assessment using CCTV, cured-in-place pipe lining, pipe and/or manhole point repairs, pipe replacements utilizing either open-cut or pipe-bursting methods, and manhole rehabilitation and/or replacement.

The Project will be implemented in two phases:

Phase One: Design and GMP Development Services

Phase Two: Final Design and Construction Services (Component 1)
• Includes roughly 23,020 lf of assessment using CCTV
• 18 ea point repairs
• 5,282 lf of CIPP lining
• 25,004 lf of pipe replacement
• Pipe sizes ranging from 8”-24” diameter

This project is utilizing the design-build (D-B) delivery method.

Dekalb County

Brown and Caldwell


September 15, 2017

May 20, 2020