Kensington Road Pump Station and Pipeline

Dekalb County, Georgia

This project is part of DeKalb County’s $1.345B Capital Improvements Program and involves the construction of the new Kensington Road Sanitary Sewer Pump Station to replace a network of failing gravity sewer mains. These gravity sewer mains are currently failing due to sagging lines, exposed sewer piping, holes in piping and piping which is situated beneath a 30-foot retaining wall. The sanitary sewer system work to be performed under this contract consists of furnishing and installing all materials for the Kensington Pump Station and Pipeline Project in accordance with Exhibit 1 Technical Specifications and Exhibit 2 Construction Drawings. Components included are: a precast concrete wet well, jib crane, concrete valve vault, electrical control panel with protective metal canopy and emergency power generator. The project also includes the installation of 10-inch, 8- inch, and 6-inch DIP gravity sewer, and 6-inch DIP force main. Furthermore, 18-inch RCP storm drain shall be installed on the eastern-most side of the proposed facility along with other ancillary improvements including clearing, grubbing, and site restoration as specified.

Dekalb County Department of Watershed Management

R2T, Inc


March 2024