Dekalb County Gravity Sewer System Rehab

Dekalb County, Georgia

This project included rehabilitation and replacement assignments at nineteen locations within DeKalb County. Work assignments included assessment using CCTV, cured-in-place pipe lining, pipe and/or manhole point repairs, pipe replacements utilizing either open-cut or pipe-bursting methods, and manhole rehabilitation and/or replacement.

The project was implemented in two phases. Phase one involved design and GMP development services. Phase two involved final design and construction services, assessment of roughly 23,020 LF using CCTV, 18 ea point repairs, 5,282 LF of CIPP lining, and 25,004 LF of pipe replacement with pipe sizes ranging from 8”- 24” diameter.

This project utilized the design-build (D-B) delivery method. 78% of the work was self performed, including open cut pipe replacement, bypass pumping, manhole installation, cast-in-place concrete structures, restoration, and testing.

The final value of the project was less than the contract value due to value engineering.

Dekalb County

Brown and Caldwell


September 15, 2017

May 20, 2020