Additions to Shoal Creek WPCP

Clayton County, Georgia

2.2 MGD Water Pollution Control Plant, including all site work; total poured in place concrete (approximately 10,921 cy) new raw wastewater pump station, influent flow measurement structure, fine screen structure, aerated grit and grease structure, influent splitter box and RAS pump structures, aeration basin structure, WAS pump station, chemical feed building, two new aerobic digester/thickener, ultraviolet disaffection structure, transfer pump station, thickened sludge pump station, disinfection system, and 36” storm sewer piping for Reclaimed Water Facility.

Clayton County Water Authority

Robert and Company


March 12, 2000

November 1, 2002

Avenue “A” Pump Station and Force Main

Rome, Georgia

45-feet-deep poured in place pump station and force main for the city of Rome, Georgia. Includes site work, erosion control, valve pits, concrete work, piping, testing, equipment, 2,900 lf 36" Diameter DIP, 50 lf 60" Diameter DIP, gravity sewer and a sewerage lift station and associated appurtenances.

City of Rome

Robert and Company


February 1, 2002

Auburn Southside and Northside Plant and Lines

Auburn, Alabama

This project was the first privatization attempt to be completed in the southeast. Ruby-Collins, Inc. and Metcalf & Eddy worked very closely on the design and construction for this project. It consisted of approximately 90,000 lf of 6 inch through 42-inch pipe and a 5.0 MGD Water Pollution Control Plant. The second part of the project was the Northside plant and consisted of a 3.0 MGD Plant and Outfall Sewer Lines. Approximately 50,000 lf of 6 inch through 24-inch pipe.

City of Auburn

Metcalf & Eddy

December 1985-Southside, October 1986-Northside