Hinesville Treatment Facility #2

Hinesville, Georgia

Construction of a 2.0 MGD Wastewater Treatment Facility with Sequencing Batch Reactors and Disc Filters. All new construction, including sitework and access road. Additionally, the construction of an additional 2.0 MGD SBR structure.

City of Hinesville

P.C. Simonton & Associates


June 15, 2006

November 1, 2008

Twelve Mile Creek WWTP Expansion

Union County, North Carolina

Construction of a new headworks/screening system with odor control, new influent pumps and drives, two carrousel oxidation ditches, two secondary clarifiers, effluent filtration, UV disinfection, RAS/WAS pump station, sludge stabilization system, standby generators, electrical systems, instrumentation, and related site work and piping.

Union County

Hazen and Sawyer


March 2008

Long Island Pump Station Rehabilitation

Fulton County, Georgia

Retrofit of Long Island Pump Station originally put in service in 1960. This project involved the complete rehabilitation of the Pump Station including all mechanical, electrical, and architectural components. Completed, the Long Island Pump Station is capable of serving Fulton County for another 50 years.

The pump station remained in service during the construction phase of the project.

Fulton County Purchasing and Land Department

Roy F. Weston


March 2002