Ruby-Collins September Monthly Report

As the temperatures start to lower and we find ourselves quickly approaching fall, everyone at Ruby-Collins has been making an effort to embrace these amazing few weeks of cooler weather! Whether it be taking a walk around the office park on a lunch break, walking around a job site rather than driving, or even enjoying a meal on the patio of a restaurant, we have been loving these early traces of fall in Atlanta.

September Fast Facts:


Peachtree Creek Party!:

This month, we had a big celebration for the crews who contributed to the completion of the Peachtree Creek Trunk Stabilization project! Those who contributed to this project got together at the main office for a barbecue where two full pigs were roasted for the group to enjoy. The project consisted of around 10,500 linear feet of pipe and is one of the largest spiral wound pipe rehab projects in the United States. This replacement project ran below Interstate 75, a city park, multiple golf courses, and a bustling suburban area, making it an amazing accomplishment for the crew to complete without major disruption of the urban environment that surrounds the site.  We are so proud of our crews for finishing this project and love any excuse to celebrate our team at Ruby-Collins!



Construction Joke of the Month:

What do Ruby-Collins employees have when they fall asleep?


-Pipe Dreams 🙂


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