Ruby-Collins July Monthly Report

We hope that everyone is enjoying their summer, whether you are relaxing by the pool, spending time with relatives and friends, or traveling to the next great vacation destination. We are working hard to finish up some current projects and also bidding new projects to start as soon as we can. Read on to learn more about a project we concluded this month and more!

July Fast Facts:
Perfecting Peachtree Creek Trunk Stabilization:

This month, the entirety of the Peachtree Creek Trunk Stabilization Project was completed by two amazing Ruby-Collins crews! The project consisted of around 10,500 linear feet of pipe (just under 2 miles) and is one of the largest spiral wound pipe rehab projects in the United States. The original pipe was built in 1934 and was beginning to show signs of age through cracks and concrete degradations. This replacement project ran below Interstate 75, a city park, multiple golf courses, and a bustling suburban area, making it exceptionally difficult to access without disturbing the flow of traffic and everyday life in the area.


Crews began the project in October of 2018 and were led by foreman Carlos Perez and Daniel Herrera. Senior Project Manager TJ Ackerman and Superintendent Chris Neely worked together to keep the project on schedule and progressing efficiently. The use of Sekeisui SPR technology was key for this undertaking because it provided a trenchless solution that would yield the best outcome for the City of Atlanta.

Construction Joke of the Month:

How do construction workers party?

They raise the roof!

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