Concrete Form Carpenter

Savannah, Ga | Brunswick, Ga | Buford, Ga

Applicant will have basic carpentry tools and experience to perform general form carpentry such as building concrete forms and temporary structures; according to sketches, drawings, or verbal instructions

Essential Functions:

– Perform layout – square, on line and on grade

– Build-Form footings, walls, columns, and supported decks or other structures as directed to measurements given

– Install metal handrails, stairs, platforms, embeds, wall pipes

– Assemble-Erect hand set forms, heavy gang forms, or wood-built forms

– Knowledge and ability to use basic power tools

– Able to cut and tie rebar

– Verifies trueness-square of structures

– Place and finish concrete at footings, walls, columns, supported slab

– Erect scaffolding and shoring

– Ensures that proper safety and incident reporting procedures are followed, brings problems to the attention of the supervisor

– Must be physically capable of climbing, carrying up to 50 lbs, standing-walking up to 10 hour work days, working outdoors in adverse conditions

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