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Rick Robinson

Safety Director

Rick Robinson serves as the Corporate Safety Director for Ruby-Collins, Inc. Rick started in the construction industry over 35 years ago as a safety and operations manager and has continued to grow his skill set in the safety field through his vast experience. He is an OSHA and MSHA certified instructor and has a certification as an Environmental Safety and Health trainer. He conducts training for OSHA 10, 30, MSHA 46, 48A, 48B, and underground utilities, while also specializing in excavation and trenching safety, storm and water infrastructure, and drilling. Rick holds certifications for OSHA 500, 502, 510, 521, 3015, and 3115. He is a MSHA Blue card instructor for IS, IU, and US Department of Labor, and holds a six-sigma black belt and green belt for quality assurance. Rick Robinson is responsible for creating and implementing the corporate safety policy for all Ruby-Collins employees, and is responsible for enforcing those safety practices every day on multiple job sites.