Ruby-Collins April Monthly Report

Want to know a little bit more about what we got up to in April? Read on to find out more information!

April Fast Facts:
  • The crew at the Peachtree Creek Stabilization job finished lining over 1,350 feet of pipe.
  • All of the lining work in and around Atlanta Memorial Park was also completed this month.
  • Ashby-Jett/Proctor Creek tie-ins were completed to reroute the flow of the sewer.
  • After a major break in a sewer, the City of Atlanta had Ruby-Collins performa n emergency repair on a 36 inch force main sewer.
  • Project Manager Lance Thomas celebrated his birthday on April 1st.
  • Superintendent Roy Chavez celebrated his birthday on April 9th.
  • Project Manager Andy Cook celebrated his birthday on April 10th.
  • Marketing Coordinator Brianna Rubinich celebrated her birthday on April 17th.
Introducing the New!

April has been a month of great strides and exciting reveals for Ruby-Collins, Inc. First and foremost, our long-awaited new website has officially launched! This reveal has been something that we have been working hard on for the past few months, and was the last step towards the completion of the full-rebrand of Ruby-Collins, Inc. Coupled with the new website layout, we have also rolled out a new logo that ties in to the modern, updated vision maintained by everyone at Ruby-Collins. We are extremely excited about this new development and we feel as if the new aesthetics help to highlight our extensive experience and streamlined services.


Cleaning Up the Banks of the Chattahoochee:

Cleaning up the environment we work in every day is something that is very important to Ruby-Collins. This year, Ruby-Collins elected to again sponsor the 9th annual Sweep the Hooch event held by the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper. Seventeen employees, friends, and family members came out with their waders on and trash bags in hand on a beautiful Saturday in April to pick up debris along Peachtree Creek. By the end of our time there, over 32 tons of trash were removed from the river, including 182 tires, a mattress, and a shopping cart! The MVP of the cleanup was the Bobcat Compact Track Loader, which foreman Iver Duarte drove around to each pickup location along the bank of the creek to collect the full bags of trash and deposited at the curb for easy disposal.

Construction Joke of the Month:

How do construction workers party?

They raise the roof.

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